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Boston our city - Boston is an historic city of contrasts. Ancient red-brick sidewalks twist past handsome Federalist houses on the way to soaring glass towers housing state-of-the-art technology. The sports teams are the best loved and the most hated at one and the same time. Residents are fiercely protective of their neighborhoods and fiercely critical of the MBTA, the government and the weather. In the harbors of Boston lie both the majestic U.S.S. Constitution, still commissioned to fight America's battles, and scores of sleek white fiberglass pleasure boats. There are tiny restaurants tucked into rosy brick town houses on Beacon Hill and huge restaurants on the dizzying tops of skyscrapers in the downtown. Food ranges from the most radical of nouvelle chic to downhome Cajun.

Boston is a diverse modern city of neighborhoods. From the North End to Bay Village, Back Bay to the South End, Jamaica Plain to Charlestown, the city shows its diversity of populations, of languages, of foods and philosophies. Immigrants from every corner of the globe have been welcomed by the city and re-shaped into Americans whose memories and customs enrich the community.   It is a city where politics is everyone's hobby but sports are taken very seriously.  The population of Boston is 574,000.  

(Narrative compiled by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD).)

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East Boston our neighborhood
- One of Boston’s twenty-one neighborhoods, East Boston is located across the Boston Harbor from the rest of the city.  A center of shipbuilding in the mid-1800’s, it has always been a neighborhood of immigrants. Today its population is made up largely of Italian-Americans and immigrants from Central and South America and Southeast Asia. That diversity is reflected in the neighborhood’s myriad of ethnic restaurants. The nation’s first branch library was built in East Boston in 1870. The housing is a mixture of old and new, including many restored triple-deckers. Logan Airport, is located here, making East Boston a gateway to people from around the world. Located across Boston Harbor, East Boston residents enjoy fantastic waterfront views of the city skyline.

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